PRONTO Brakes are assembled for original equipment performance by TS16949 & VDA6.1 certified manufacturing factories. All PRONTO products are reliable on variety of road surfaces & climate conditions.

All PRONTO Brake Rotors are manufactured to match the exact original equipment (OE). These rotors are put together with the highest technology that provides a superior tolerance for long lasting Braking performance. The quality and power of our alloy metallurgy is what differentiates us from our competition. The durability to strength ratio of PRONTO rotors is what leads the industry today. The technology we use enhances the carbon and molybdenum content of the iron, improving crack resistance while reducing noise and vibration.


• Non - directional surface finish for better break-in
• Balanced at the factory for out of the box installation: No turning needed
• Cooling vanes
• Meets metallurgical standards
• Chamfered hub and bolt holes for proper mounting
• Excellent coverage for both foreign and domestic applications
• Competitively priced to meet or beat competitors
• TS 16949 &VDA 6.1 certified factory

Our metallurgic - gray coating is applied to areas of the rotor, inward or outward. This coating not only helps maintain its clear appearance but also reduces rust & corrosion. Our rotors are precision mill balanced to OE. The core center split casting provides an exact heat transfer ratio, concluding in extreme braking power.

PRONTO rotors with the brake time technology have superior tolerances that exemplify their extreme braking performance. This technology enables the prevention of warping under extreme braking temperatures. The coating provides a protective water based coating that is able to withstand 400 hours of salt water exposure without any rusting.

PRONTO rotors are made to meet and exceed the original equipment manufacturer.